PPSCVS aims to create global citizens, who possess inter cultural respect and understanding. To this end, the school is committed to ignite the minds of the students to dream big and possess valuable life skills. We endeavour to impart quality education that would transform the students into independent, resilient, socially sensitive learners for life, so that, they become individuals of value to the society.

The school is now in its’ twelveth year as an ‘all through’ high school. It was amalgamated in 2008 from the then existing Elementary School into a well equipped Higher Secondary School . The amalgamation has been very successful as all visitors to the school commented on how happy, friendly and confident the children were from Nursery to Year 8 classes. This friendly and respectful ethos was commended the high standards of achievement and attainment:

“Since the opening of this new school, TRUSTEES. PRINCIPAL and STAFF have worked together with determination to make sure the quality of teaching is good and pupils’ achievement is good. Pupils behave well. They are courteous and polite.”

Children in our school come from different cultural backgrounds; they have different religions and speak different languages. We celebrate and value this diversity. We encourage the children to be proud of their own culture, religion, and language and to show respect for others.

The curriculum in the school is well planned with a priority given to developing high standards of literacy and numeracy. Our work is supported by a good level of resources and additional staffing to meet the individual needs of the children. We work hard to ensure each child has acquired the study skills necessary for them to continue their development at the next stage of education.

A positive partnership with parents is vital in achieving our aims. Home and school must work together and we need your support and co-operation. In return, we hope you will find the school welcoming, willing to listen and respond to your questions, concerns or suggestions.

We hope you all enjoy visiting our school as much as our staff love working here and as much as our children love coming here.






years of history

Our Mission

“You be the change you want to see in the world”


Provide a dynamic educational environment, by encouraging learners to face the demands and challenges of an evolving world. Inspire young minds to develop critical thinking, problem solving skills and enthusiasm for lifelong learning.


Nurture a caring and compassionate outlook through the values of teamwork, leadership and social responsibility. Promote the spirit of enquiry, cultivate open-mindedness and develop intercultural understanding.

Impart international education that is globally relevant through recognized curricula. Foster holistic, integrated learning opportunities through a learner-centric approach.

Our Vision

“To provide quality education in a contemporary learning environment – focusing on holistic development of young learners, empowering them with lifelong learning skills and nurturing compassion and respect for each other.”

PPSCVS aims to empower every young scholar who enters its threshold with an unquenchable thirst for knowledge, an indomitable spirit of reasoning, a higher level of consciousness and above all to evolve into complete human beings.

The focal point in this development process is the inculcation of attitudes that leads the child to unfold naturally into a well-balanced individual, to meet the challenges of the world, as well as contribute responsibly to global growth Environment provided by the cultural and religious diversity, which is the policy of the school, is an important factor in fostering universal brotherhood.

Our Management

Mr. Vallabhbhai Savani


The millennium is a few years old and people everywhere are caught up in a world of change that is changing much faster than anyone had ever anticipat …

Mr. Harshadbhai Rajyaguru


Education is the greatest expedition of life; it begins but does not end. It is a pursuit for excellence with essence of true values and compassion. …

Mr. Jaimin Rajyaguru


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