School Policies

Learning happens best when it is connected to the real world where the subject topics are learned at School on an everyday basis.

The main objective of introducing the Flinnt Application is to prepare the learner’s foundation. This makes the child ready to take on the responsibility of being an active participant in the learning process. We focus on the child’s unique potential both inside and outside the classroom. We start with the Flinnt App from Std 3 onwards.

It is a perfect blend of technology with the physical options like worksheets, synopses, projects, and activities. This allows for a consistent connection between school and home. It connects the parents with daily updates in all subjects. It leads the parent to get in touch with Events and Happenings of the School. This makes the students use technology to learn; they will now use technology to work on collaborative projects and be able to virtually learn from home.

When technology is implemented into lessons, students who may have been disengaged in the past get excited to participate. Technology is engaging: fun graphics, quizzes, videos and games that create a learning environment. Moreover, digital technology comes quite easily to many children.
When children feel comfortable and confident in what they are learning, and how they learning, they will be more apt to participate in the lesson. It is the future of education, so if you aren’t on the bandwagon now, then you better jump on it today.