Co Curricular

PPSCVS observes the strict code of conduct in perspective of the norms of CBSE which provides desirable growth and holistic development in the form of co-curricular activities, co-scholastic activities, developing aesthetic skills and various clubs to all our students from Pre to K-12.

Thus, learning becomes a joyful journey. Learning not only occurs in the four walls of class rooms but also outside the class room. We make it sure that skill development is embedded in the academic programmes to sculpt the future of students.

These competitions give our students wings of creativity and imagination and at the same time give them stability to stand on the ground firmly by giving them deep roots of culture & tradition. During summer and Diwali vacations our students go on adventure camps. Till now, our students have visited many places all across India as a part of such adventure and educational trips.

Round the year different activities are conducted in the form of inter-house competitions, class competitions, morning assembly, excursion etc. We have different clubs and various programmes are conducted under them to boost the skills and interests of our students. Experts from various field of life are invited to guide our students.

Our students have taken part in inter school MUN and have learnt about diplomacy, international relations and the UN. Now our students organize such events on their own at our school.

In visual and performing arts students at PPSCVS learn vocal and instrumental music, drawing and different forms of dance.

Our students have triumphed in many inter school competitions and many other competitions at the state and national level.

Inter House

P.P.Savani,C.V.S., Abrama held its annual sports day on 19th January 2019 during its school hours in the school ground. The aim behind holding the event was to inculcate the spirit of sportsmanship and fondness for sports in children. The day was a fun-filled feast of laughter, energy and delight among students presented and participated in various activities.
The event began with the March pass performed by the students of Class 5to8.Our sporting students were also enthusiastically participated in different individual and team events. The proud winners of the races were felicitated with medals and certificates by school teachers as well as activity teachers. Prize distribution services were held at the conclusion of each event.

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DATE: 10/12/2022


Summer Adventure & Trekking Camp
08/05/2022 TO 17/05/2022
Gaj Pass Trek- Dharamshala- Mcleodganj


With an endeavor to promote scientific attitude among budding young students, this exhibition was hosted by our section. The event saw enthusiastic participants with innovative themes and working models. It truly enhanced in them the spirit of participation, sharing and learning.


We can mould our pre-schoolers and channel yheir growth with various kinds of preschool activities. Simple, easy and fun activities such as drawing, card making, rangoli competition were offered to them that set the foundation for better learning and development. Both informative and productive, these activities build their confidence and made them well-rounded individuals.

Annual Function Report

P.P. Savani C.V.S. organized its Annual day ‘Kala Carnival’ with great exuberance.

The event was graced by MR. VALLABHBHAI SAVANI, MR. HARSHADBHAI RAJYAGURU, MR. JAIMIN RAJYAGURU and other dignitaries.

The program began with the lamp lighting.

Our principal Mrs. Rachana Sharma presented the Annual Report highlighting the achievement of the School and the Students.

More than 2000 students of Standard 3 to 8 dressed in colorful attires.

The cultural program consisted of spectacular dances and each performance was better than the other.

The opening dance was a beautiful ‘Ganesha Vandana’ which was so aesthetically presented.

The Evening witnessed a colourful array of dances and musical acts. The program had flavours of different culture of different states.

The dance of ‘Shiv Tandav’ caught the attention of one and all.

The culmination was marked by the vote of thanks to the guests and parents.

The program was a stellar success under the guidance of Our Principal Ma’am, and the Staff members of the School who worked tirelessly.

As the program ended, the Audience was spell bound.